At CMM, we offer extensive balancing and reverse engineering services. Our focus with regards to reverse engineering is reactive and acts as a lifeline when the original OEM has gone out of business or discontinued the product. In the event of problems in the supply chain, we will only reverse engineer a part with permission from the OEM.

As for the reverse engineering process at CMM, we start with obtaining the component and meeting with the customer to determine the root cause of the failure. It is usually worn, broken, or damaged beyond repair. In many instances, the original part was manufactured from a casting and the foundry has discarded the pattern or requires a large minimum order that is not economically feasible.

The Process

We start by using our in-house FARO arm 3D scanner and CAD software to generate an exact 3D model of the part supplied. We then add material to the model in the areas that are worn or where the customer specifies the modification. Once the modified 3D model is complete and meets the customer specifications, we upload the model into our CNC machining software and assign tool cutter paths to it. This is the information that the machine reads to produce a 3D part from the solid square, round or rectangular base material.

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