Marine Services

Managing the maintenance or overhaul of complex marine assemblies with intricate work processes is a complicated task. When a marine vessel has a breakdown, our crews are dispatched immediately to make the necessary repairs; day or night. This allows repairs to be completed promptly, with minimum interruption to the customer's operation. Central Machine and Marine's primary marine function involves ship repairs and includes all phases of afloat hull repairs, bulkhead and internal structure renewals.

Since 1996, CMM has operated a depot at a former warehouse on-site at the government docks in Sarnia. This location is ideal for the storage of parts needed by ships plying the Great Lakes Waterway system. We also have the rare capability in-house to manufacture obsolete original equipment and parts through the utilization of our reverse engineering team.

Through the collaborative efforts of our highly skilled shop and field teams, CMM is able to provide replacement components for bucket elevator systems, unloading gear, survey repair of gearboxes, clutches, fluid drives and winches. CMM also carries out damage repairs, repairs at sea, piping repairs, repairs of marine sanitation equipment as well as ship thrusters and even the installation of complete ship engines, generators, and propulsion systems.

Aside from overhauls and repairs to ships wintering in Sarnia, CMM will provide teams of its workers who board a ship for several days at a time to perform emergency repairs while the ship continues to travel about its business. We also offer a 30-foot steel hulled vessel to provide in-transit service for personnel, components, and supplies.

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